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    **** - Carliff is ALWAYS open to NEW opportunities - ****


    Currently Co-founder and CEO at BAYU.


    I am always looking for new opportunities for training & business ventures with new challenges. Fluent in written and spoken English as well as Bahasa Melayu. I have been engaged as a trainer by several companies such as Petronas, Volvo, Public Mutual, Core Fitness, INTAN, JHEWA, INSAN, ABB, and PNS.


    A driven entrepreneur and have experience in launching and managing various business startups. I know what it takes to launch an enterprise with minimal funding and have felt first hand multiple times the successes and failures of championing a startup.


    A Certified Inbound Marketer, I am a very strategic thinker and very data driven as demonstrated at my roles at BAYU Success Training and also at LVG Consultants where I lowered customer acquisition costs, increased customer lifetime value, created metrics-based goals for marketing tied to the sales goals, defined the stages of the sales and marketing funnel, established the definition of a sales-ready lead, and defined buyer personas.


    Born and bred in Kuala Lumpur and with deep knowledge of its cultures and attitudes of the various ethnicities in the city thus giving me in depth insight to the local market. Currently lives in Kota Kinabalu Sabah.


    A motivational speaker, trainer, and business consultant. I train entrepreneurs how to build a business, how to prospect, sell a product/ service, retain teams & transform into a winning organisation.


    I have a track record of leadership abilities and excellence as demonstrated at my role Co-Founder and Agency Manager at LVG Consultants where I grew our sales consultants from the initial 4 members to 120 members by aggressive marketing and recruitment drives!


    Specialties:Sourcing for High Quality corporate trainers, organizing and promoting seminar events, negotiating Joint Venture deals, online promotion and marketing, motivational speaker, trainer

  • Experience

    BAYU Success Training

    BAYU Success Training

    Co Founder April 2009 - Present

    BAYU supplies Quality training and coaching solutions to high end multinational companies and Government Departments in Malaysia.


    • Researched market competitors and industry trends to identify potential new products and services.

    • Launched an inbound marketing initiative that generated 300% more inbound sales ready leads per month for the company.

    • Formulated a comprehensive business plan complete with clear and actionable sales goals and targets.

    • Established and maintained more than 20 business accounts.

    • Analyzed client requirements, created a business plan and drove strategy development.

    • Built relationships with key industry insiders.

    • Leveraged lead generation tools to increase profitability and product presence in the marketplace.

    • Marketed and developed key accounts by favorably representing the company at membership and community functions.

    • Developed and integrated market plans to efficiently position the company brand within targeted markets.

    • A speaker, trainer, and business consultant to entrepreneurs. I train entrepreneurs how to build a business, how to prospect, sell a product/ service, retain teams & transform into a winning organization

    Trainer and Speaker

    2006 - Present

    I am a speaker, trainer, and business consultant to entrepreneurs who want to play BIG in their business. I train entrepreneurs how to build a business, how to prospect, sell a product/ service, retain teams & tranform into a winning organization. I motivate students in employability skills & show good academic performance. I also occasionally conduct sales talks and seminars for entrepreneurs.


    Past Clients: Petronas, Volvo, Public Mutual, Core Fitness, INTAN, JHEWA, INSAN, ABB, PNS, Mummy Yummy Caterer, Akif Jaya Sdn Bhd, Gammerlite Sdn Bhd, Nexus Karambunai, DSAM, Sabah Techpreneur Assosiation SATA.

    LVG Consultants Sdn Bhd

    LVG Consultants Sdn Bhd

    Co Founder & Agency Manager Feb 2006 - March 2009

    Multi-Award winning Financial Planning Firm (Award received from ActionCoach) for 3 Consecutive years 2007,2008,2009. LVG Consultants is a Financial Advisory Services firm, for the last 6 years, we have managed over 1,000 clients and over RM100million of clients investments in award-winning Unit Trusts in Malaysia.


    • Strengthened company's business by leading implementation of aggressive recruitment drives.

    • Managed team of 40 professional Sales Consultants.

    • Recruited and trained over 40 new consultants which increased the size of the sales team by 10X within one year!

    • Established and maintained more than 100 business accounts.

    • Analyzed client requirements, created a business plan and drove strategy development.

    • Spearheaded "A Financial Fortress in Every Home", resulting in a 400% increase in revenue.

    "I'm very impressed with the level of passion and commitment that the founders and the team at LVG Consultants have in building financial fortresses for their clients"


    -Action Coach Jeevan N Sahadevan

    Asia's Best & Most Experienced Action Business Coach

    Asiaworks Training Sdn Bhd

    AsiaWorks Training Sdn Bhd

    Training Coordinator & Trainer-in-Training Jan 2004 - Feb 2006

    Powerful educational workshops that create an environment for personal discovery – empowering people just like you to achieve significantly higher levels of achievement and fulfilment in key areas of life – including career, finances, family, relationship, community and work-life balance.


    • Identifying prospective customers using lead generating methods and performing an average of 60 calls per day generating an average of 150 new clients per month every month for 2 years!

    • Consistently met and exceeded department expectations for productivity and accuracy levels.

    KMB Educational Services Sdn Bhd

    Regional Training Quality Control Manager Jan 2003 - Jan 2004

    Head of Quality Control in charge of upholding the quality of training delivered to participants.


    • Oversaw the development and launch of the Inaugural Malaysian National Service in 3 Universities in north of Malaysia, supervising in total over 200 trainers and 10,000 trainees.

    • Developed and shared best practices across the company, including feedback systems, effective training methods and report systems.




    Carliff is a master in marketing and coordinating trainings. Being a trainer himself has made his approach in creating trainings for his clients highly effective and accurate. As a friend, he is a very pleasant and caring individual. This personality is also what he carries into his professional life. Passionate, thoughtful and accommodating is what you will experience of Carliff when he serves you. This young, ambitions and energetic man will go far in whatever endeavour he chooses. You won't find a more passionate and dedicated service provider than Carliff.


    Rosihan Juara Baharuddin

  • Skills

    Learning & Development


    Evaluating training effectiveness


    public speaking








  • Credits & Awards

    Winner ActionCoach Best Team Award Malaysia 2007

    Winner ActionCoach Business of The Year Award Malaysia 2008

    Winner ActionCoach Hall of Fame 2009

    Successful business entrepreneur... Carliff Carleel who touched on "The Power of Distinctions"

    — Daily Express March 2014

  • Education


    Certified Inbound Marketer: Inbound Marketing 2013 - Current

    Completed Hubspot course in order to further my understanding of Inbound Marketing and the process of earning the attention of customers through interesting content, which enabled me to be a more efficient leader and marketer for my company BAYU Success Training

    Action Coach

    Entrepreneurship Coaching: Business & Entrepreneurship 2007 - 2009

    Undergone 3 years of Small business coaching by the worlds number one business coaching firm - ActionCoach in order to further my understanding of Entrepreneurship which includes how to build a business, how to prospect, sell a product/ service, retain teams & tranform into a winning organization, which enabled me to be a more effective entrepreneur.


    Leadership Program: Leadership 2004 - 2006

    Continued my personal development as a leader to developed effective communication, heightened creativity, play as a team, live with passion and learn to champion the achievements of others – the essence of true leadership.

    Kolej Universiti HELP

    Marketing, Business 2001 - 2003

    Mainly enjoyed the subject of Statistics and Marketing and always did well in public speaking assignments and presentations.

    Activities: Captain- College Volleyball Team, College Basketball Team,

    Sunway College

    Canadian Metriculation Program, CMP 1999 - 2000

    Excelled in Public Speaking assignments and presentations

    Activities: College Volleyball, College Basketball, College Football


    Business Analyst Certification

    ExpertRating License 2961152 - 2014

    Human Resource Certification

    ExpertRating License 2960809 - 2014

    Certified Inbound Marketer

    Hubspot Academy - 2013

    Web Design Concepts Certification

    Brainbench License 12166073 - 2014

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